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DigitaleCommerceAPIsGeolocationData AnalysisInsight DevelopmentInteractiveOnline ContentMobile

The Challenge

When planning for the build of AdMailer 2.0, one of our key considerations was to improve upon the limitations of AdMailer 1.0 by giving superior control to the end user. The original AdMailer had a laboured user experience design and while its promise was huge, functionally and technically it proved limited and sub-standard.


On the original website, a user could design mail shots online and decide upon a geographical area to target customers. Based on our strategic phase, we concluded that if we could provide an enhanced ability to target the correct audience (actual specific people not just people in an area), businesses would be more inclined to engage with AdMailer.


During our technical brainstorming phase, it was discovered that it was possible to utilise an API with national census information to extract data for B2B applications. Before with AdMailer 1.0, a user could target a resident in a house in Drogheda, now they can target an adult, with one child, married, on a low wage, with one car living in Drogheda.

A crucial part of the AdMailer experience is designing high quality artwork to subsequently post out. As An Post in recent years have been focusing on diversification, we as their lead creative agency always work closely with them to make innovative business ideas a reality. During the discovery phase, a new section and business offering was identified – and nothing to do with Post! This new section was to cater for the demand brands had to create their own business products (Business Cards, letter heads, posters etc).

Our approach from the start was to ‘think big’ when we realised the potential of what had been imagined. It was recommended from an early business planning stage that AdMailer should be made available in bespoke fashion to corporations and large businesses. Previously it had just been for SMEs, all parties now wanted to bring it to an enterprise level which is scheduled for Q1 2017.

After the website was launched, a large-scale media campaign involving radio, video, digital display, direct mail and eDMs followed. We have also been constantly monitoring an extremely detailed event tracking and analytics strategy to cater for user behaviour and take an “always on” optimization approach to the website.

The Results

600% Increase in sales year on year (Nov - Dec)
8% Average traffic increase month on month
1,338% Year on year page view increase (Nov - Dec)
3 International postal services in licensing negotiations
DMA Bronze Best in Utilities 2017

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