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DigitalOut of homeTVInsight DevelopmentCharacter Development3D Animation
DigitalOut of homeTVInsight DevelopmentCharacter Development3D Animation


How do we tell an engaging story about new service improvements from An Post that, on the face of it, is such a dry topic and also of low interest to most people? It’s the type of service we might take for granted.


The fact is, they’re not just ‘parcels’ for us. We care about the contents. We want them delivered quickly and safely. Whether that’s us receiving or sending them.

Parcels mean just as much to An Post and this is something that is important to customers across Ireland. An Post understands that a parcel could mean a sale for a small business, an important gift, or simply one of those must-have purchases we all look forward to receiving.


We tell the journey of our parcels’ safe delivery through the adventures of a collection of curious and lovable ‘Things’. These animated creatures represent the all kinds of everything that people send and receive with Post Parcels and through our animated storytelling, this allowed us to deliver a more interesting and emotive story.

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