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Brand PositioningData AnalysisYouth Sentiment
Brand PositioningData AnalysisYouth Sentiment


RCSI is Ireland’s only single-faculty healthcare science organisation. As well as having its higher education institute function, it also has what we call a ‘guild’ function: that is, it holds the register for surgeons who are training in Ireland, and also accepts membership applications from medical practitioners around the world once they have passed an exam and proven their requisite credentials. The nature and number of their stakeholder interactions — with hospitals, regulators, government (Irish, foreign, and supranational), funding bodies across the world, prospective students, their alumni in over 60 countries, and their links with global philanthropy — mean that the strategic consulting we provide has to be comprehensive, supple, and authoritative.

Approach & Outputs

We work with RCSI and their creative agency, Publicis Dublin, to contribute a brand and consumer perspective on a range of tasks, including the proposition refinement for their satellite campus in Bahrain, and helping them stay at the forefront in their recruitment of high-grade candidates to the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy. Higher education is a unique sector, with a once-in-a-lifetime aspect to the choices made; consequently, RCSI demand that everything done in their name is validated.

The approaches we adopt to ensure this level of confidence in the work we do include the use of expert panels in academia; global case-based reviews; and analysis of aggregate datasets on global student and influencer sentiment and preferences.

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