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Out of homeSocialTVInsight DevelopmentDocumentary
Out of homeSocialTVInsight DevelopmentDocumentary

The Challenge

As the 3rd telco in a row to sponsor the Irish rugby team, Vodafone needed to do something to stand out. Fans had grown tired of how big brands show up at their favourite sporting events, instead they yearned for something that added real value to their support.


We put people at the heart of this project. Interviewing over a thousand fans, coaches and players over an 18-month period we uncovered an interdependency that exists in Irish rugby. We sought to bridge the gap between the team and the fans, as in sport, fans shout louder for those they know.


Right from the beginning, we avoided doing advertising for advertising sake. Instead, at every touch-point we gave fans something of real value – treating fans as fans, not just as consumers. We embedded ourselves with the team during their South African tour, documenting the experience so fans could get to know them a little more. Our TV and outdoor ads became windows into the players’ personalities. We listened and watched what fans were saying on social media, and reacted by giving them exactly what they wanted.


1 in 4 Irish people have seen one of the two Team Of Us documentaries and more than this have been exposed to the various elements including online content, TV ads, out of home, social and radio ads. Vodafone was named Best Sponsorship Brand at the Irish Sponsorship awards in 2016 and Team Of Us won Best Use of Social Media. Only one year into the partnership, Vodafone has already seen marked improvement in brand awareness, brand affinity, differentiation and brand engagement. We look forward to building on this sucess over the next 4 years.

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