Vodafone X meets Generation Y with the help of GIF-iti

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DigitalSocialYouth SentimentInsight Development


Vodafone wanted to go to market with a youth-specific offer that included more data, sport, music and weekend packages. Basically, all the things 16-24 year olds tend to love. The problem was Vodafone are perceived among the youth as being a brand for older demographics.


We had great offers, but a disinterested audience. Extensive research told us that this age group have low attention spans and a diverse and wide range of interests. What’s more, they have more sources of entertainment and information than any generation before them. We needed to challenge this and engage with them on their terms.


We created the platform Vodafone X. The X stands for anything our audience wants it to be. It’s fuel for their passion, whether that’s sport, music or weekends. It represents choice and flexibility. We brought this to life by recruiting the help of renowned artist INSA, he invented GIF-iti, an art-form that fuses graffiti and GIFs. Automatically we moved into a territory that was more interesting to our audience.


INSA created murals representing our audience’s passions of sport, music and weekends – each of these were also tariffs offered by Vodafone X. Each layer was painted over and over again, they in turn were turned into gif-iti art. These were ever-changing showing the flexibility of the offer in an exciting relevant way. For this audience, the music is as much a compelling motivator as the visuals. So we chose the punchy track Young Gods from Swedish DJ duo Total Ape to accompany our key pieces.

All this was delivered to our audience through hyper-targeted, programmatic digital display and social. Only they got to see it, a campaign that was truly and uniquely theirs.

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