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Welcome to the #TeamOfUs

Paul Fisher Deputy Managing Director

Following June’s soft launch, our team are delighted to announce the full launch of Vodafone Ireland’s #TeamOfUs.

This ambitious sponsorship platform was 14 months in the making. This was a period that saw us visit 4 continents, enlist the help of over 20 academic, research and brand partners, and speak to over 1,000 rugby fans – all in pursuit of a world class solution for this world class partnership.


We put people at the heart of this project, relentlessly pursuing the common ground between fans, coaches, players and their families across the island of Ireland.

This led us to the central theme of #TeamOfUs – interdependency.

The Irish rugby team is an uncommonly uniting force on the island of Ireland; it’s best with us all because it’s the best of its all. Armed with this knowledge, and backed by Vodafone’s undisputed status as Ireland’s favourite connector, #TeamOfUs is now on a mission to create the most interconnected team and fanbase on the planet.

We start that mission in earnest at this month’s Autumn Series, with a 360 campaign that spans TV, OoH, content, activation, retail, and a landmark documentary airing on RTÉ One.

“Irish Rugby: What We Did Last Summer” will air on RTÉ One on Thursday, 10th November at 10.15pm and will be repeated RTÉ 2 on Saturday, 19th November at 3.30pm. You can also watch the full documentary, plus shorter extended clips from behind the scenes on from Nov 11th.

Much of it was shot on location in South Africa, with our team embedded with the Irish rugby team for the duration of this summer’s historic tour. The result will offer rugby fans an opportunity to gain unprecedented access to the lesser-known stories behind the team’s on-pitch heroics.


#TeamOfUs was a project that started by delving deep into the cultural significance of Irish rugby, bursts into life today in a manner that’ll break new ground in sports sponsorship and, more importantly, give rugby fans something that they’ll love. We’re a little bit proud it, as you might’ve guessed.

So sit back, enjoy, and take your place in the #TeamOfUs.

Paul Fisher Deputy Managing Director AdvertisingAgency news

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