Packets & Parcels

The Journey of Things
An Post Packets & Parcels (September 2015)


An Post’s parcel delivery service has now become truly customer focused, with the introduction of some innovative new features. However, the challenge for An Post was that… well…parcel delivery is a pretty boring topic, and not something that customers spend too much time thinking about. So we needed a way to communicate the benefits that customers can now derive from these functional service builds – in a way that is differentiated, emotionally engaging, and will ultimately make people sit up and take notice. 



Upon ordering a parcel for delivery, an anxiety driven inner monologue begins to question: whether it will arrive on time; whether it will arrive at the correct address; whether someone will be at home to sign for it; etc. When it comes to managing this anxiety, customer flexibility and control are key. 


“The Journey of Things” was developed to dramatise An Post Parcels new level of customer flexibility and control through the adventures of a collection of curious and lovable ‘Things’. In place of inanimate packets and parcels, our ‘Things’ are the living representations of the all kinds of everything that people send and receive every day with An Post. And, because they are so valuable to both sender and receiver, An Post treats them with the utmost of care, making sure they find their new homes – no matter what. 



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