Will you PLAY or PARK?

A fun and social game rewarding customers for their loyalty
Topaz Will you PLAY or PARK? (Spring 2013)


When introducing a new loyalty scheme into a saturated market, Topaz had to apply their brand promise of that’s better. Better is not simply getting yet another loyalty card into Irish wallets; it’s a new definition of what consumers can expect from their chosen brand.


Loyalty is not a transaction. It’s a living, breathing relationship that balances the emotional with the functional.



A loyalty scheme is good, but a loyalty game – that’s better. With Topaz PLAY or PARK, we created Ireland’s first ever loyalty scheme to have a game as its central mechanic. By making PLAY or PARK playfully rewarding across every touchpoint, we were able to make Topaz’ rendition of loyalty more meaningful, more participative and more distinctive.



People across Ireland experienced what loyalty could be.
We brought Topaz’ ‘That’s better’ manifesto to life across TV, retail, DM, online and mobile and offered engaging rewards at every touchpoint.
Our multi-channel campaign took loyalty out of the analogue and into a space that’s connected, mobile, social and above all… fun.
It proved to be a loyalty game that’s become, well, a game-changer.

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